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Like in my last post i show my reel timelapse, here i will show the concept art behind the 3d modeling with the software blender.

And here some renders 🙂


My demo Reel, Timelapse

Link timelapse in youtube

Link in vimeo

Demo Reel in wich one i use blender with bsurfaces, the interesting thing inside this video is that the woman is my face, and is made it with the add on of blender bsurfaces.
The main idea is to create 2 organic creatures related with the scorpion and a religious mantis, i hope you everybody like it 🙂

Image based in the energy that we all have inside , and we dont see it

Thanks for watch it! :)!

The end

Art work

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This is my work dawings

Paris Hilton

Capitan Sparrow

Angelina Jolie

Linus Torvalds

Digital art Thesis

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